Design Your Bimini

Please allow time for our software to re-compute your Bimini after changing a measurement or option.

You will be able to add options and change colours.

If your measurements do not return a model, the measurements entered are outside of the scope of a 4 bar Bimini. The model will automatically amend to a 4 bar design with larger centreline spans.

You can also change tube size and colours, add windows, support struts and Side/Rear Shade Panels.

Save your configuration for later, download a pdf and order online. The pdf will show the dimensions and details of your Bimini from which the software develops the CNC production files.

  • Design and build your Bimini with a few simple measurements.

  • Customise and add extras.

  • You can order just the frame or the complete product.

  • A price and option to purchase are available.